As the photo at left shows, just because there are no public utilities in conflict, doesn't mean that it's safe to dig.  Here the gas, power, phone, and cable TV companies all cleared a location for tree planting where private electric and irrigation lines were present and marked by ZoneOne. 

Private utility locating

There are thousands of miles of pipe, cable and wire that aren't covered through the "one-call" system (see photo below).  Whether you're a homeowner, contractor, or facility manager, we're here to help you protect underground utility systems not covered by contacting Gopher State One Call or Diggers Hotline. Examples include private fiber optic runs on hospital and university campuses, liquid propane lines, steam lines, parking lot and decorative lighting systems, lighted signs, power to outbuildings, electronic scoreboards, commercial and residential sprinkler systems, septic systems, wells, fire loops, motorized gates, lines to swimming pools and fountains, communications lines to guard shacks and garages, coaxial cable to satellite dishes, secondaries after the meter, and more.  

Contract locating

We've been receiving and processing tickets through the one-call system since 1989 and have partnered with some of the industry's biggest names including Xcel Energy, AT&T Broadband, Frontier Telephone, Minnegasco, Wright Hennepin Cooperative and more.  We currently do contact locating in the Twin Cities metro area and into southern Minnesota.  We'd be happy to bid your next contract or to meet with you individually to discuss your needs.